The Meaning and Significance of Having Christmas Wreaths

The significance of Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are one of the most important Christmas decorations that we put up during the holiday season. Wreaths have had a long past and they are one of the first decorations until now. However, have you considered its past and why it is important?

Back in the day, wreaths were generally regarded as a symbol that divine favor has been bestowed in an individual. It signified that the gods were giving you favor. The circle represented eternity because of its never ending repetition. The Romans regarded the wreath from Apollo as a sign of eternal love. On the other hand, the Druids believed that the wreath was a proclamation of human's surpassing the normal timelines. As time passed, migrations happened and cultures mixed. Because of this, pagan and Christian custom intertwined and has come to provide the meaning of the wreath as we know today.

Let's fast forward to modern times. Christianity kept spreading and thus the meaning of Christmas wreaths that we know now, changed. The meaning represented by the circle remained; however, it came to mean the unending love of Christ and Jesus. Other things that became representative of the blood of Christ were the holly berries and the scarlet ribbon that were associated with wreaths. On the other hand, as a whole, Christmas wreaths are thought to symbolize the crown of thorns that Jesus had to wear during his crucifixion.

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Discover Christian Home Decor Displaying Your Faith Even At Your Home - Let Your Abode Be an Case of Your Faith
Going With Christian Home Decor Expressing Faith Even At Your ABode - Let Your Abode Be an Case of Your Faith

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